A T R A M E N T O U S// ft. Aran by Shreya

“As black as ink , in the fields which run vast and wild.”


I’ve always been a mad accessory lover. I am always looking out for the next best thing to punctuate my outfit’s and make them interesting.

I recently came the brand , Aran by Shreya , which deals with small clutches and bags.

What I was looking for this time was, something we all need but we never have.


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This gorgeous black leather bag is an absolute must-have for everyone. It’s the perfect accessory for almost all the occasions and the detailing on the leather gives it’s a beautiful texture.


The first thing that I noticed about the bag was , the craftsmanship. The finishing and detailing is impeccable , doing justice to the kind of occasion you would like to carry this bag too

(something formal , perhaps?)


I shot this post in Himachal Pradesh ( it’s where I belong , from my maternal side !) .  I wanted to bring in a some drama against the serene and wild landscape.

I wanted my outfit to stand out starkly against it. Hence, I went for an all black ensemble  and  enhanced the look with the gorgeous bag.
The results were gorgeous.

It stood out so well , the landscape looks like a fairyland and I was so happy to include a part of my generic roots in what I currently do .


Dress – H&M

Wedges Boots – Forever 21

Bag- Aran by Shreya


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