S P E C U L U M // ft. Vivat Jewellery



Another shoot I did in Himachal ! So happy about how they’ve turned out.

I took along these two gorgeous neckpieces from Vivat , which Devangee graciously send over to Delhi all the way from Mumbai .  The pieces are mainly silver with glass work and look brilliant when worn.

I wanted to shoot them in a way , that they stood out brilliantly , so I opted to colour block as a base.


Opted for a full H&M look.

Went for a red crop top and black pants as they provided a nice contrast against the violet flowers and tied a cape around my waist , just for a little movement.


I absolutely loved how the colour play bought out the neckpieces. Not only do they look amazing , the jewellery is also pretty similar to how  actual Himachal jewellery looks like. It’s made of silver , is layered and uses mirrors as  they are much more economical to use for everyday jewellery .

I’ve been really trying to get my hands on some authentic Himachali jewellery . It’s a difficult feat as most of the pieces have been broken down and sold  , or belong to families which are pretty conservative about them as they are family heirlooms.

For me , these heirlooms are nothing less than treasures and would love to get a hold on them and preserve them.


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