The Face Shop-How this Korean brand changed my skin regime

Long time , no see !


Yes , I’ve not been blogging as often as I would have wanted , because my website just isn’t getting through as I would have imagined . But , no worries as I am back (sort,of ) with my review on the Korean brand “The Face Shop “which recently launched in India , via 

I got my hands on a few of the products , and as mentioned in the title , it did change my skin regime .14691434_1495676700459197_65074189937179612_o.jpg


The Products –

  • The Solution – Soothing Face Mask
  • The Solution – Hydrating Face Mask
  • Chia Seeds No Shine Hydrating Gel
  • White Seeds Brightening Serum
  • CC Intense Cushion Cover
  • Rice Water Bright  Cleaning Foam 
  • Rouge Ampoule Lipstick – Shade 08 Coral Gel


Let me start off  by saying that I have my skin is dry. Really , really DRY. As winter approaches, it wrecks the texture and my skin is left flaky and dead-looking .

I always have a problem with this , as it isn’t easy to cover up flaking and I can’t use any heavy cream base product because then it starts breaking out.

When I first came across these products , I was a little apprehensive because winter is just beginning to come in and my skin was already at a critical stage and using any product not suitable , would push it off the edge.

But lest  I gave it a try. AND EVERYTHING CHANGED.

I started with the Rice water cleansing Foam and the Chia Seeds hydrating gel  because it seemed like the safest choice. After the very first day of usage , I noticed that my skin wasn’t parched and it looks healthy. I continued this routine was 2 days straight , and I assure you , I saw a visible difference. My skin looked fresh and supple ( who doesn’t want that?)  I had been layering in makeup , to cover up my situation , but now it didn’t look so bad without it , so I took it to the next level.


I continued my routine and got on to a new product, The Brightening Serum . It’s been 4-5 days straight and I’m feeling pretty confident abut my skin. So I plan to put it through the #nomakeup test. I decided to go bare face for a brunch , except Lipstick , eyeliner and a little CC cushion compact under my eyes. I use the brightening serum ,all over my face and get on to my day. My face feels super light and fresh ( BTW , all the products smell amazing. Not the artificial fragrance  , but a very mild and fresh one ) .

Everyone says , how fresh my face looks and I’m more than happy to tell everyone that’s it basically no makeup just my updated skin regime. Not only do I end up recommending the products to some of my friends , one of them also tries on my lipstick , because she loves the shades and adoresss the packaging  ( IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL) . As for the face masks , I’m yet to use them  but given my overall experience with the range , I feel that they’ll be highly effective  .

I know I’ve hit jackpot with the products , and I’m super happy. I’ve heard the world , rave about Korean skincare but now , I absolutely have faith in them. I’m so glad to have started off my experience with THE FACE SHOP  , one of the leading Korean skincare brands  because I couldn’t have been happier with the results !



I would advise everyone , especially whoever has major issues with their skin and only wants to use nature sourced ingredients , to definitely give THE FACE SHOP products , a try because you’ll be surprised with the results and how quickly the products work on your skin xx

Shop the range here –




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