Urban Jungle ft. Pamilone



Yes , we live in the city , but is it really any less from a Jungle?

Urban Jungle is a series which focuses on the urban city nomad , dressing up and dealing with everyday life. The person is someone who is constantly on the move and dresses to suit the requirement . The attire is hence , casual yet dressy , something that can go from AM to PM .  The brand Pamilone  , is something I recently came across and felt would go perfectly with this concept . It’s a versatile young brand , which focuses on creating collections for the experimental .



The first look consists of a two-tone dress with a sheer organza overlay from Pamilone . As winters are setting in , I teamed it up with an olive trench to highlight the beautiful sulphur yellow of the dress.11222104_1496359623724238_1949387665206152501_o


The second look consists of a c0-0rd Crop Top and Pencil skirt  set teamed with a navy blue long coat . I paired up this look with some beautiful Afghani jewellery ,I had recently come across. I felt that  by adding something as contrasting as a piece of Afghani jewellery would help me work the outfit well from a formal to a casual event . I added a pair of clear aviators,because why not?


The colour combination works in favour of everyone who’s ever questioned AM to PM dressing. Navy blue is one of the best transitional shades and works brilliantly for almost all skin tones. Sulphur yellow is yet another shade which not only stands out as being an offbeat colour but looks amazing as a winter shade ( as it’s not such a traditional shade ).14990994_1513237268703140_1248642940823031011_o

Eccentric accessories turn up your OOTD game by a 100!


To check out some other cool pieces from Pamilone‘s new Autumn/Winter ’16 collection  click here ! Be sure to share your looks under #pamiloneofficial !14556779_1478187428874791_2188128426656152745_o



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