Pocket sized Makeup ? Hello to the new Faces Palletes.

Let’s get something straight, I love makeup.

My obsession is recent, but going extremely strong. I love to learn new ways to get interesting results as well as try new products. But what hurts me the most, is the fact when I  carry my products every day, I literally end up either losing something or spoiling ( #hecticlife).

Nothing is more painful than lost/spoilt makeup. You know the pain is real.

Only recently, I came across two new releases from this Canadian brand called Faces . I’ve been using a neutral blush from their range for ages now (everyone needs a neutral blush !Stock up.)

The new releases include a beautiful array of basic nude eyeshadow palette which consists of 10 glitter as well as matte shade, perfect for creating a subtle as well a dramatic eye look. The second release is something I feel, we all can never have enough of – A Contour, Blush & Highlighter palette.



The Faces Ultimate Pro Face Palette (on top), Faces Ultimate Pro  Eye Shadow Palette- Nude 01 (below)

Faces Ultime Pro Eye Shadow Palette – Nude 01


I love everything matte and nude with hints of glitter. I don’t wear heavy eye makeup colours, but I was pleasantly surprised by the colours in this palette. The shades are buildable so you can experiment with the colours as and how you want. The best part about this palette is the was it has been built, its an ease to carry it around, it also consists of a small dual ended sponge brush. If you’re new into makeup, I would suggest taking this palette up for creating and learning all your basic eye looks, as it does not only consist of all the perfect shades but is also extremely budget friendly (.You can check out the link to shop the Palette – Faces Ultimate Pro  Eye Shadow Palette- Nude 01

The Faces Ultimate Pro Face Palette – Glow


This palette is now my everyday favourite. It’s just the perfect! Fits in my makeup bag like a glove. The palette is perfect for updating my makeup on the go, so I always look fresh. The highlighter is a beautiful shade apt for mostly all skin tones,  and I would suggest anyone who needs a budget friendly, travel-friendly, well-pigmented face palette, to definitely check this out Each pan is 4gs and the products are not tested on animals (MOST IMPORTANT ). This product is yet again perfect for first timers, who want to learn the basics. You can also check out the link to shop the Palette –  The Faces Ultimate Pro Face Palette.


Perfectly sized, budget friend, great colour payoff, what more could a girl ask for?


Ultimate Pro Matte Lip Crayon – Spiced Latte 22

Another amazing product that I’ve literally got stocked in my makeup bag at all times in their Faces Ultimate Pro Matte Lip Crayon in the shade Spiced Latte. You can how we all crave that perfect neutral shade that makes it look like we aren’t wearing any product? Well, this is the answer to your prayer. After going through several neutrals and not liking either their consistency, I’ve finally found my favourite in this Spiced Latte shade. I not only wear it almost every day, but I also use it the matte texture for adding a slight colour on my eyes ( yes, it’s so smooth it glides ). You can also check out the link to shop the Lip Crayon –  Ultimate Pro Matte Lip Crayon – Spiced Latte 22


At Rs.679,   this is a great buy!



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